How to remove htmlspecialchars in php?

To remove htmlspecialchars in PHP, you can use the html_entity_decode function. This function takes a string that has been encoded with htmlspecialchars and converts any special HTML characters back to their original characters.

Here’s an example of how to use html_entity_decode to remove htmlspecialchars:

$encoded_string = 'This string has <strong>HTML</strong> characters encoded';
$decoded_string = html_entity_decode($encoded_string);

echo $decoded_string;  // This string has <strong>HTML</strong> characters encoded

Alternatively, you can use the strip_tags function to remove all HTML tags from a string. This can be useful if you want to remove all HTML formatting from a string, rather than just decode the special characters.

$encoded_string = 'This string has <strong>HTML</strong> characters encoded';
$stripped_string = strip_tags($encoded_string);

echo $stripped_string;  // This string has HTML characters encoded

Keep in mind that html_entity_decode and strip_tags only work on strings that have been encoded or formatted using HTML. If the string contains other types of special characters or formatting, these functions may not work as expected.

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