phpqrcode: Generate QR code in php

PHP QR Code is a library for generating QR Codes, 2-dimensional barcodes, in PHP. QR Codes are a popular type of barcode that can be read by smartphones and other devices with cameras. They are often used for storing and transmitting information such as URLs, contact information, and other types of data.

To use the PHP QR Code library, you will need to install it on your server and include the necessary files in your PHP script. Here is an example of how to generate a QR Code with PHP QR Code:

// Include the PHP QR Code library
include "phpqrcode/qrlib.php";

// Set the data to be encoded in the QR Code
$data = "";

// Set the filename for the QR Code image
$filename = "qrcode.png";

// Set the error correction level (optional)
$errorCorrectionLevel = "L";

// Set the pixel size of the QR Code (optional)
$pixelSize = 4;

// Set the margin size around the QR Code (optional)
$marginSize = 4;

// Generate the QR Code
QRcode::png($data, $filename, $errorCorrectionLevel, $pixelSize, $marginSize);

// Output the QR Code image to the browser
header("Content-type: image/png");

This script will generate a QR Code image containing the URL “” and output it to the browser. The QR Code image can also be saved to a file on the server by specifying a file path for the $filename variable.

PHP QR Code supports a number of options for customizing the appearance and functionality of the QR Codes it generates. You can find more information and documentation on the PHP QR Code library at the following URL:

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